Our English Interns Love for New Hampshire

The Lakes region has by far been one of the most amazing places to visit. From mountain views to Lake sunsets, there are just so many different impressive things to see. Whether summer boating activities, hiking, walks, superb restaurants and shops, or winter sport activities there is always a new adventure!

An area of such different seasons, gives the opportunity to enjoy different seasonal local events. Summertime creates opportunities on the lake such as fishing, sightseeing and informative historical boat tours. Even if you did not want to be out on the lake, there are so many scenic drives throughout the lakes region. Easy Hikes such as Rattlesnake Mountain gives breathtaking views of entire Squam Lake and beyond mountains. 

As the temperature cools in late September, Colours of trees in fall are unbelievable! There were never too many drives and pictures that you can take that would get boring. A great cultural experience was to see all the different scarecrows that are out in the harvest season. 

December brings in the first snowfall, which is so light and fluffy. This geared up for the different winter activities I have never experienced. Skiing, Sledging, Sleigh rides and Dog sled rides, were all such new amazing experiences like no other I have ever had. 

As the sun peeps out the clouds and spring flowers come out, the change into the outdoor sunshine feel created anxiety to be out relaxing in the sun. With all the light rain showers refreshing and bring out all the beautiful spring flowers, what an amazing transition to warm sunshine summer weather!


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