Guest Reviews of their stay at the Manor On Golden Pond

Guest Reviews of their stay at the Manor On Golden Pond

In this day and age of the internet being the “truth” in writing- the guest review sites for hotels have added a new dimension to the marketing of hotels.  Our thousands of comment cards that our guests write while they are staying with us give us great insight into how our guest’s experience has been with their stay with us.  If a guest has a problem during their stay we rectify the issue immediately to the best of our ability and continually check with the guest during their stay. If our guest raves about our staff the staff  feel such pride when they read it and we all give them a pat on the back for such a great contribution they have made.  These letters are such learning for us and we take each and every one of them as a teaching tool for the staff.  Our goal as innkeepers is to have our guests fall in love with the Manor on Golden Pond as much as we love it.  The Manor is such an easy place to love from the setting,  to the tranquility, and the overall feel of warmth that you get when you walk in for the first time.

I would like to share one of our most recent letters from a return guest that sums it all up. 

Dear Brian and Mary Ellen

Once again we enjoyed ourselves at your establishment. We thoroughly enjoyed the “chef tasting” dinner we experienced – the food was excellent and we appreciated our waitstaff and her pleasant demeanor and service.  The room was clean and we liked the changed you have made.  I am a detail person and we noted the tiny touches-(flower top in the Kleenex box, etc.)  The inn is a peaceful, beautifully decorated retreat for anyone – not too “stuffy” – Just right – relaxed, yet elegant –a memorable atmosphere.  Our waitstaff this morning was delightful, cheery and friendly. Your employees enhance the stay! We look forward to another visit.  It was a wonderful spot to mark our 10th anniversary!  Thank you for your efforts.  We know it is not easy to satisfy people of all walks of life – know that your time, energy & efforts were appreciated by us.    Continue your great work.  We had suggested this place to our friends for their brief honeymoon last year and they loved it.  They too will return to this great niche in the wilderness!!  Congratulations and all the best in 2010.


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