Fork in the Road a winner again- more classes added

Our Fork in the Road continues to be a huge success. Two of our classes for this seasons Fork In the Road have sold out again. Our February Class, Classic Dishes for Two  and our March Class, Cooking with New Hampshire Maple Syrup have filled up so we have added 2 additional weekends for those that missed out.  Our February theme will be presented on the weekend of February 26 thru February 27, 2010.  And our March theme  has been added for the weekend of  March 12 and March 13, 2010.  Many of the guests are coming for their 2nd and 3rd cooking class.  They can not get enough of the fun that you have in these cooking classes.

Chef Peter Sheedy is looking forward to welcoming all of his cooking students for a fun filled weekend. Students will actually prepare the dishes themselve and then get to enjoy the food with wine that we have paired with their cuisine.  The weekend begins with dinner on Friday night and an introduction to our Chef and the kitchen.  Then Saturday the cooking begins with a 2 hour cooking session and an afternoon to enjoy to themselves. Dinner is enjoyed on Saturday night with an opportunity for the students to go behind the kitchen doors during dinner service to see how the chefs perform the magic of preparing fine cuisine.  Then Sunday a 2 hour cooking sessions puts the finishing touches on your dishes followed by your enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Check out the Fork in the Road Cooking themes for the year.  It is an event not to be missed in New Hampshire.


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