The Manor on Golden Pond takes first place in Chilifest in New Hampshire

What an exciting way for The Manor on Golden Pond to welcome in the New Year, with the annual Chili Cook-Off at Squam Lake Association in Holderness, New Hampshire.

 It started off as a promising day in New Hampshire – the sun lighting up the day and bringing hope for the competitors. It was a perfect setting for the public to go ice-skating, play ice hockey on Squam Lake – and to work up an appetite for chili!

 With five other competitors and a line full of hungry people, they were ready to go at noon! The Manor On Golden Pond’s Sous Chef Andrew and English intern Roxanne were ready, with The Manor on Golden Pond Sous Chef’s own secret recipe for Texas Chili, with the motto “ SAY NO TO BEANS!” Did you know that originally, chili was never made with beans?! At the Manor on Golden Pond we like to set ourselves apart from the everyday crowd and show you why we are the best!

The event didn’t last long, with The Manor being the first to run out of their chili – it tasted so good people raved about it! Everyone was anticipating the announcement of the winner – especially after a local competitor had won two years in a row – but this year it was a victory for The Manor on Golden Pond.

So enjoy – the winning chilifest recipe for 2010.


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