The Manor Receives high marks from Small Luxury Hotel of the World

Top 3 reasons to stay at the hotel:

1) Their beautiful location – This is a stunning area on the East coast with green mountains, bright lakes and streams, and winding country roads… there’s always something to take in. The property is ideally situated to take it all in perched on a hill overlooking Squam Lake. The expanse of green lawns, flower beds, huge old trees, and the call of the loons on the lake make this a most idyllic place. It’s like having your own country retreat with friendly staff and exquisite rooms. It’s hard not to unwind, slow down, and enjoy a more meaningful pace of life!

2) A hike to Rattlesnake Point – With all the beautiful scenery everywhere, it’s hard to stay put. For some fun and exercise, take the 5 minute drive to a parking lot off Route 113. From there the two trails are well marked, each taking you up into the heart of the hills for a splendid view of the surrounding countryside and lakes. Enjoy the generous picnic lunch the hotel packs for you while sitting on the rocks at the top of the hike. The trail is good exercise while not being too strenuous because the inclines are often prepared with log steps to ease the climb. If you have some time afterwards, continue inward along Route 113 for a bit taking a relaxed drive to view some of the homes and scenery before heading back to the Manor.

3) Meals at the Manor – Guests at the Manor on Golden Pond will find themselves fortunate to experience some of the best food anywhere in the U.S. (and indeed in the world). The chef is exceptional. The menus are inventive without being pretentious or overly complex. His attention is on food that is fresh, locally grown, and prepared to complement each other. His sweetbreads are the best I’ve tasted! We were there for 2 dinners and a few of the menu items changed (both for appetizers and entrées) which is a nice surprise. The atmosphere in the dining room is casual, as is the dress code, but the décor and service are formal, yet friendly.

Overview (A brief explanation of the hotel and facilities as experienced):

When we think of the U.S. East Coast, we often forget about New Hampshire… except as a way of getting to the coast. People usually head to Vermont or the coastal states. The Manor On Golden Pond is one very good reason to stop and explore New Hampshire.

The Manor is a welcoming sight, set off the road high on a hill with its yellow façade and covered porch over the entrance. The long driveway passes by the pool, numerous flower beds, circles around the front entrance, and ends at the parking lot beside the tennis court and crocket area. You feel instantly relaxed the minute you drive into the place.

The principal rooms are large, airy, well decorated and full of things to do. As you enter you notice a table with a jig-saw puzzle in progress. By the sofa and wing chair, there’s a Chinese checker set on the coffee table. A wooden puzzle box (like a Rubic’s cube to solve) awaits someone who sits in the armchair. There are books and magazines on the tables. On a side table by the main window overlooking the expanse of lawn towards the lake, there are pitchers of ice tea and lemonade. Another large sofa sits in front of a huge fireplace. In the adjacent tea room that is separated only by the shared fireplace, two more comfortable sofas and two chairs beckon people to stop and sit a while. The shelves are full of books, games, CDs and videos for your room.

The bar is off the tea room. It’s called the “Three Cocks” and all décor is of those colourful feathered birds. We lost count after counting more than 40 of them on pictures, plaques, wallpaper, ceramic jugs, stands, etc. To the left of the bar is the Bistro which no one seemed to eat in probably because it was low season and the main restaurant was the more interesting offering. Even the guest shop where products are sold stood out as being top quality… rain jackets, t-shirts, chef’s apron, lotions, etc. were all neatly arranged and obviously chosen with great care.

The décor throughout is what I’d call upscale country befitting this fine Manor. There is just enough formality to speak luxury, yet sufficient touches of the everyday to make guests feel at home. Music is always playing (usually with loon calls over classical music). The rooms on the main level appear to have all been Suites (and newly decorated). The balance of the rooms, of various sizes and shapes, are upstairs and meander around interesting corridors.

The grounds are great for a stroll after dinner or a brisk walk before breakfast. Our suite (and most others) had a porch with a lounge chair and an Adirondack chair to enjoy the views. Try not to put too much on your list lest you get carried away with “doing” rather than “being”. Enjoy!


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