The Liquid Gold of New Hampshire

Have you ever experienced going to a sugarhouse to see how maple syrup is made?  What about a Maple Moments Spa Treatment – a botanical mud wrap infused with pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup?  Maple syrup, known as the liquid gold of New England, is delicious staple found in every New England home.

The art of making Maple Syrup is a labor of love.  Sap is tapped from the various types of maple trees and then it is boiled down.  The boiling process must be carefully done without using any chemical agents or preservatives.   This process entails boiling around 5.3 – 13 gallons of raw sap over an open fire in a building called sugarhouses or sugar shacks until one liter of syrup is obtained.

At the Manor On Golden Pond  you will always find culinary creations using New Hampshire Maple Syrup on our breakfast menus in such delectable dishes as  Maple-Walnut French Toast or our Apple & Pomegranate Pancakes.  My favorite is our Cinnamon- Raisin Oatmeal with Maple Syrup drizzled over the top.

One of The Manor On Golden Pond’s Seasons Spa’s signature spa treatments is the Maple Moments Mud Wrap.  This is a botanical mud wrap infused with pure New Hampshire maple syrup.  This warm, lavishly scented treatment is rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes, the unique botanical mud rejuvenates and detoxifies your skin while deeply relaxing your soul.

March is Maple Madness Month in New Hampshire.  It is an opportunity for you to enjoy some hands-on experience of how this old-fashioned New England tradition is produced.  The sap will be flowing, the syrup will be boiling and the aroma will be mouth-watering.  Many local sugar shacks in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire are offering open houses on weekends. One of them, Prescott Farm in Laconia, opens its door to the public every Saturday and allows you to try your hand at making some of your own liquid gold.  And don’t forget to take a bottle of maple syrup home to enjoy the rest of the year.


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