“On Golden Pond” Returns Home

In the sleepy hamlet of Holderness, New Hampshire exists an assembly of inspiring
activities for travelers of all ages seeking the peace and solitude of the
lakes and mountains but wanting to explore the local opportunities for culture
and amusement as well.

Escaping from whatever civilization, the splendor of Squam Lake and the White Mountains,
the starry night skies, the haunting cry of the loons, and the possibility of
spotting the elusive moose are among the more ‘wild’ experiences that can be
encountered in and around Holderness. But there are also civilized prospects
for entertainment in town as well. In addition to fine dining
offered at The Manor on Golden Pond with a 4-diamond restaurant and touring the
Squam Lakes Science Center to get up close to native
flora and fauna, there is theater. The Little Church Theater
located right in the small town of Holderness.

The Little Church Theater started out as a small Catholic Chapel at the turn of the
century owned by the Manchester Diocese called the Sacred Heart Chapel. As a
chapel, it was an active participant in the local community with many
participants arriving to its docks on Squam Lake by ferry.

Today the little building stands, still with its pews, hosting a schedule of creative
theater endeavors. This summer season kicks off with a play very familiar to
many of the local residents but also having international fame. The production
of On Golden Pond begins on June 21 and will be directed by Ernest Thompson who wrote the
original screenplay of the movie On Golden Pond so loved the world
over.  With much of the original movie,starring Henry and Jane Fonda and Katherine Hepburn shot locally, this is as
much a homecoming for the director as the audience.

On Golden Pond will run for two weeks following its June 21 opening and then close the eighth performance season for
The Little Church Theater with two more weeks the last of August. A wonderful
storyline in an intimate setting located at the foot of the White Mountains in
a little chapel. What cultural event could be more inspiring?




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