Come See the play “On Golden Pond” in New Hampshire

Millions of people in New Hampshire know On Golden Pond. It has been nominated for three Tony Awards, adapted for screen and live television, and changed the lives of thousands of fathers and daughters. It has been called one of the most inspirational and heartwarming stories of all time. It’s hard to believe it all started 34 years ago in a little apartment in Santa Monica, California. Ernest Thompson, a struggling actor at the time, spent Memorial Day weekend of 1978 feverishly writing a story that went on to become one of New England’s most beloved films, nominated for ten Academy Awards and awarded with three, one of which was given to Thompson for best adapted screenplay. The play has been performed in 30 different languages around the world in over 40 different countries by actors as well known as James Earl Jones and Frances Sternhagen. Now for the second summer in a row Ernest Thompson is presenting the only production of his play that he has ever directed. This production, performed in Pitman’s Freight Room of Laconia, New Hampshire, is also for the first time starring the Academy Award winning Author as none other then Charlie the mailman. This production is special because it has been refreshed by Ernest Thompson and several scenes have been slightly changed making this a unique experience. Even those who know the play will find themselves surprised at every twist of the plot. The amazing professional cast is sure to make you laugh as well as bring tears to your eyes and warm your heart.


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