Did you Know?

We love our pristine Squam Lake for the wonderful lake that it is.  Being one of the cleanest lakes in the United States it is perfect for swimming, sailing, boating, enjoying the wildlife and kayaking just to name a few.

Squam Lake is made up of Little Squam Lake and Big Squam Lake with a channel to connect t the 2 lakes.  Most of the land on the Squam lakes is private owned or conservation land to protect the beauty that we cherish here.   Big Squam is 6765 acres and 60.5 miles of shoreline.  The average depth is 36 feet and the maximum depth is 98 feet.  Squam Lake holds 79,400,000,000 gallons of water.  It is at 560 ft above sea level.  It is a very rocky lake and let me tell you this boater has met a few of those of them up close and personal.  images

Squam Lake is comprised of 30 lslands and 20 coves.  That is one of the things to enjoy about Squam – all the little nooks and crannies to explore while out on the lake.

Moon Island and Bowman Island both offer camping and beach that are only accessible by boat or kayak.  If you would prefer to experience Squam Lake on land your best bet is to hike thru Chamberlin Reynolds conservation area and reach several pristine unspoiled swimming holes on the edge of Big Squam.

If you want to explore Squam Lake we highly suggest you  take a boat tour with Squam Lake Natural Science Center, rent a kayak or sail boat from Squam Lake Association or just go take a swim at Chamberlin Reynolds.   You will not be disappointed with your Squam Lake Experience


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