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December 29, 2015

We all dread the cold of winter but there is nothing better to look out at on a winters day is a fresh coating of snow.   And it finally arrived today.   And it arrived with a bang.  With 6 ” of powder snow on the ground this morning with light snow still falling is it a good start to winter.skiing nh

The Ski Resorts are loving all this snow.  Now the skiers will begin to come.  Waterville Valley  also received 6″ of snow and has 9 trails opened and groomed.    Loon Mountain received 4-6″ of snow with 21 trails open and groomed.  Cannon Mountain has 6-7″ of snow with several trails open.     So the winter activities of skiing has begun. Bring your skis.  We have discounted lift tickets for Waterville Valley Resort for sale at the Inn.

The big local news is that Tenney Mountain Ski Resort in Plymouth New Hampshire is going to reopen after 5 years of being closed.  A new owner has purchased the property and is planning on opening this year.  This resort is so close that a perfect place for a quick few hours of skiing.  They have snow making and new chair lifts that were installed this month.  A must to check out.  With this new snow fall and their snow making  they should be open very soon.

If skiing is not your thing then we at the Manor On Golden Pond will direct you  to the activity that fits your sport.  Of course the fire is always roaring in several of our 19 wood burning fireplaces.   So check out our rates and get on up here.


Come See the play “On Golden Pond” in New Hampshire

July 14, 2012


Mothers Day celebrates the Lady of the family

April 7, 2011

April showers bring May flowers and so the adage goes. May conjures up green grass, blooming flowers, bushes and trees and the heralding of late spring and early summer. It is also the month we observe Mother’s Day, a celebration recognizing mothers and childbirth dating back to ancient times and rituals.

 In ancient Greece, revelers worshipped Cybele, mother of Greek gods with festivals. Ancient Romans had the festival called Matronalia, celebrating Juno the goddess of childbirth. In Europe, there were specific Sundays honoring motherhood and Catholicism accepted the 4th Sunday during Lent to recognize and praise the Virgin Mary and the mother church or main church in the area.

 Mother’s Day has more modern connections but those celebrations during ancient times set the premise that, “mothers, whether earthly, mythological, heavenly or otherwise, should be celebrated. Julia Ward Howe organized a day in 1872 for mother’s dedicated to peace. She did this 12 years after penning The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Her hope by bringing mothers together was to be able to lesson the brutality of the Civil War by mothers pleading with mothers as sons were killing sons. 

In 1907, Ann Jarvis, a schoolteacher began to organize a mother’s day in memory of her own mother and honor peace. The first recognition of such a holiday in the states was a church service honoring Anna’s mother and celebrated in two communities, at Andrews Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia and another church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. White carnations were used to celebrate the memories of deceased mothers and pink and red carnations were worn or carried by those present.

 In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson made the second Sunday in May officially a U.S. holiday, Mother’s Day, honoring all mothers.

The Liquid Gold of New Hampshire

March 19, 2011

Have you ever experienced going to a sugarhouse to see how maple syrup is made?  What about a Maple Moments Spa Treatment – a botanical mud wrap infused with pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup?  Maple syrup, known as the liquid gold of New England, is delicious staple found in every New England home.

The art of making Maple Syrup is a labor of love.  Sap is tapped from the various types of maple trees and then it is boiled down.  The boiling process must be carefully done without using any chemical agents or preservatives.   This process entails boiling around 5.3 – 13 gallons of raw sap over an open fire in a building called sugarhouses or sugar shacks until one liter of syrup is obtained.

At the Manor On Golden Pond  you will always find culinary creations using New Hampshire Maple Syrup on our breakfast menus in such delectable dishes as  Maple-Walnut French Toast or our Apple & Pomegranate Pancakes.  My favorite is our Cinnamon- Raisin Oatmeal with Maple Syrup drizzled over the top.

One of The Manor On Golden Pond’s Seasons Spa’s signature spa treatments is the Maple Moments Mud Wrap.  This is a botanical mud wrap infused with pure New Hampshire maple syrup.  This warm, lavishly scented treatment is rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes, the unique botanical mud rejuvenates and detoxifies your skin while deeply relaxing your soul.

March is Maple Madness Month in New Hampshire.  It is an opportunity for you to enjoy some hands-on experience of how this old-fashioned New England tradition is produced.  The sap will be flowing, the syrup will be boiling and the aroma will be mouth-watering.  Many local sugar shacks in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire are offering open houses on weekends. One of them, Prescott Farm in Laconia, opens its door to the public every Saturday and allows you to try your hand at making some of your own liquid gold.  And don’t forget to take a bottle of maple syrup home to enjoy the rest of the year.

Dreaming of Spring

February 24, 2011

 We’ve mustered through snowstorm after snowstorm, cold temperatures and now the consecutive days of a cold wind that just won’t stop. Winter in New England! We keep busy to pass the shorter days of sunlight, enjoy an abundance of  outdoor New Hampshire winter activities to stay healthy and active, embrace the long New England winter nights cooking soups and stews and an assortment of delectable meals that cook slowly over long hours, well…. because we have the time to cook and eat. But coming to the end of February, we start to wistfully look out the windows at the foothills of the White Mountains to a beautiful bright blue sky and sunny day with the ground covered in multiple feet of snow and know somewhere out there is a garden waiting to explode!

This is the time of year we start to pull out our gardening books and magazines, play with designing yet another plot in this patch or that, think about pulling and moving plants just as soon as we can and really wanting to stick our hands in some soil. The patience we develop during New England’s winter creates a pent up urgency to get out and play in the dirt and so we enthusiastically race into the riot of spring with ideas and thoughts and plans about what to accomplish in the next 7 months or so.

And to cheer us along are the most inspiring of events, the spring Garden Shows! They offer an opportunity to smell the earth, touch the grass, and purchase seeds to support our constrained aspirations of gardening. One of the largest is the Boston Flower Show.  Organized by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society,, the theme of this year’s show is ‘A Burst of Color: Celebrating the Container Garden,’ and runs March 16 through March 20 at Boston’s Seaport World Trade Center.  

 A little closer to The Manor On Golden Pond is the 16th Annual Seacoast Home and Garden Show at the Whittemore Arena on the campus of University of New Hampshire on March 26 and March 27.  This spring’s Flower Show is full of inspirational ideas for the home and garden.  New Hampshire’s Flower Show is putting a special emphasis on updating and remodeling in today’s new eco-friendly world, all designed to help consumers make informed decisions about their homes and gardens.

Even earlier than the Boston show is the Rhode Island Spring Flower and Garden Show, taking place at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence February 24 through February 27. The theme of this year’s event is ‘Gardening with Heart’ in partnership with the American Heart Association.

And to keep us occupied on another weekend, the 2011 Portland Flower Show in Maine runs from March 10 through the 13th and inspires with ‘The Enchanted Earth’ at the Portland Company Complex.

And when it’s finally almost safe to garden outside, the fairgrounds in Fryeburg, Maine are home to the Northern New England Home, Garden and Flower Show,  on May 13th through the 15th.

Visit one of these New England gardening events or any other you have the opportunity to meander through and your senses will be rewarded. It will be the boost your spirit needs to take pleasure in the last weeks of winter!

Reconnect to nature while snowshoeing in New Hampshire

February 3, 2011

 You can’t live in New Hampshire, or the Northeast for that matter, and not find someway to embrace the winter season. If you are not able to fathom a way to enjoy the outdoors during this seemingly, at times, endless succession of day after day of cold temperatures and sometimes biting winds and snow, you will struggle to see any chance for spring, never mind have a vision for summer. But out of the darkness…light! If you look outside on a beautiful sunny winter day and notice just how blue the sky can be and how the light twinkles and reflects in the snow, you can begin to see amazing images only visible in winter. And then if you step outside (properly layered of course) and feel the tingle of cold air on your face, then you can really know how truly alive your senses can be this time of the year. The trick is to find a way to stay active and look forward to being able to participate in the season by enjoying an entirely different kind of view.

 I’ve always enjoyed hiking. Living so near the mountains and lakes I’ve gotten spoiled with easy access to the great outdoors, the scenery, and the natural visions you encounter along the way. And I have been able to continue my need for fresh air, exercise and beautiful scenery in the winter by settling into a pair of snowshoes and traveling along some of the very same paths I use the rest of the year.

Snowshoeing is one of the oldest known methods of transportation. It is a sport that is also easy to accomplish. Probably the biggest learning curve is actually putting on the snowshoes. Other than purchasing the snowshoes themselves there is also minimal costs associated with the sport. In addition, you have the added benefit of moderate aerobic exercise depending on the amount of energy you want to expend. I don’t know too many folks that don’t want to maintain or improve their cardiovascular fitness even just a little. Snowshoeing can accommodate a variety of fitness levels and can be enjoyed for a half hour walk or an all day adventure if you carry a backpack with water and lunch! It’s that simple and easy and a great way to get out and enjoy the peaceful serenity and quiet of the forest in winter. Watching and listening for birds, identifying the animal tracks in the snow and taking in scenery you would completely miss sitting inside all day.

 Some of my favorite hikes are close by. I’m sure others reading this would have even more suggestions for favorites and we’d love to hear about those places as well!

 For some easy and accessible snowshoe hikes warranting just a short drive I’ll offer a handful that I have fun on. If you want a bit of a more vertical snowshoe challenge with the payoff of brilliant views, head up West Rattlesnake via the ‘Old Bridle Path’ off of Route 113 in Holderness. At just under a mile one way to the 1260-foot summit, you’ll enjoy a nice workout and have some of the most incredible lake and mountain views in the Lakes Region.

 The Chamberlain-Reynolds Memorial Forest is another popular trail system with a different viewpoint for nature. The Squam Lakes Association manages this beautiful forest consisting of an approximate 3.5-mile trail network, which crosses a wetlands boardwalk and proceeds eventually down to the shore of Squam Lake. A more gentle type of terrain, this snowshoe hike is quite popular and easy to access just off College Road on Route 3 between Meredith and Holderness.

 The Hamlin Recreation and Conservation Area in Meredith is approximately a 159-acre tract of forest and views offering possibilities for much longer snowshoe hikes if you choose to meander the various trails options. There are basically 3 trail choices with lengths varying from 1.6 miles to 5.5 miles with a diversity of terrain changes and offering some beautiful mountain and lake views and overlooks along the way. This conservation area, managed by the Meredith Conservation Commission is located off Chemung Road accessed by Meredith Center Road. 

 And lastly, I offer the Waukewan Highlands Trails, an interpretive trail system managed by the Town of Meredith in cooperation with the Lake Winnipesaukee Watershed Partnership and the Winnipesaukee Watershed Corps. This beautiful natural area is a combination of open fields, forests, a pond and brief boardwalks to navigate wetlands areas (frozen in the winter). Parking is located off Route 106 as you head from Meredith to Laconia. There are 3 trail options or you can combine them all for a total of approximately a 2.7-mile tour.

 Remember to look, listen and enjoy while you’re out in the forest snowshoeing as winter has its own secrets to reveal. And if you have other great ideas for a snowshoe expedition we’d love to hear about it!

Fall Foliage in New Hampshire, A time of year not to be missed

October 1, 2010

The Fall Foliage season on Squam Lake has arrived and the vivid autumn palette of reds, oranges, golds, and browns  before the leaves fall off the tree is a picture not to miss.  Each turn in the road of New Hampshire surrounds you with a breathtaking landscape of Nature’s autumn palette.

With so many ways to enjoy the peak foliage from hiking in the White Mountains, driving on the Kancamagus highway, riding the aerial tram up Cannon Mountain or be it by relaxing in our New Hampshire hotel and watching the trees paint their own picture.

At this time of year a drive thru the White Mountains of New Hampshire on their scenic highway will be the highlight of your trip. A drive through the gentle, winding roads of New Hampshire with fantastic views of the trees in their finest autumnal fashion will give you a real idea of the beauty of this season and the reason why this is the best time of the year for many locals. While traveling the highway a whistle stop gondola ride at Loon Mountain Resort will give you a fantastic aerial view mosaic of the New Hampshire countryside.

 Hiking in the fall foliage is a serene time to experience whether it’s a short stroll through the woods to Rattlesnake Mountain or a more enduring hike along the Appalachian Trail in the White Mountains you will never be disappointed. Another great vantage point to watch the foliage would be the top of Mount Washington which is New England’s highest mountain of the White Mountain.  Mount Washington (6288ft) is accessible by the auto road, the vintage Cog Railway and by hiking for those more adventurous. The views at the top of the foliage over the presidential mountain range will keep you mesmerized you hours.

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center has a amazing Boat tour of Squam Lake to see the scenic Squam Mountain ranges that surround Squam Lake.  The loons are in a playful mood this time of year since they are king and queen of Golden Pond with the summer visitors gone.  You might even at catch them playing a game of duck, duck goose.

 And after a busy day of exploring what better incentive than to return to our quaint Holderness Inn and relax in the warmth of our log burning fires.

Must Sees of New Hampshire!

June 5, 2010

With the surprising weather this spring at The Manor on Golden Pond, we’re getting excited for the summer months ahead of us. The boats are back on the lake; the birds are singing and the trees are in blossom. We’d like to share with you some of the highlights of our (and our guests!) favorite summer activities.

 Hikes in the Lakes Region are a key focus point for some of our guests. There is no more rewarding feeling than when you have climbed Rattlesnake Hike. Only being a 15-minute drive from the Manor on Golden Pond, and with some of the most breathtaking views, it is no wonder why this is one of the most popular hikes in the area. It’s perfect for a light morning hike, a picnic or to watch a spectacular sunset with a loved one.

For people who like to shop, New Hampshire has so much to offer and with no sales tax it has become a popular place for anyone who wants a good bargain. It is also home to many country stores. Moultonborough Country Store is one of the oldest in the USA – since 1781. With many uses over the years such as their local store, library, post office and meetings, it now welcomes thousands of visitors every year to re-visit their history through their museum and enjoy getting lost within the ever-winding aisles of the store.

After hikes and scenic drives around Lake Squam, why not enjoy the lake from another perspective and experience the infamous guided boat tour with the local Science Center Lake Cruises. Enjoy nature at it’s best with this leisurely tour, where you will see loons and may even spot an eagle!

If you like to get more towards the coast, why not travel to New Hampshire’s very own Hampton Beach. Summer is the perfect time to visit – with 80 free summer concerts, sand sculpting, competitions and firework displays every week you won’t want to miss out! Or just enjoy the beauty and relax on the sandy beach listening to the waves lapping on the shore.

The Kancamangus Highway offers one of the most scenic routes of New Hampshire. This stretch of road being only 28 miles long dips in and out of valley through the mountain ranges. Apart from being a scenic drive, there is much to offer along the way. Why not check out Clark’s Trading Post near North Woodstock, or drive over the covered bridge at Albany.

Whatever you decide, you are guaranteed to have a great getaway, and at The Manor on Golden Pond we will help choose the perfect activities for you. We look forward to seeing you!

The Manor on Golden Pond offers Pre-Summer Sale.

June 1, 2010

Summer has arrived early in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and the Manor on Golden Pond overlooking Squam Lake would like to share a summer saving with you before the summer crowds come to New Hampshire. 

Come and stay at the Manor On Golden Pond for a 2-night stay with arrival  between June 1 thru June 12, 2010 and we would like to give you a 20% discount off our current rates.  If you decide that 2 nights is not enough add a 3rd night onto your stay and the 3rd night will be discounted by 30%.

The sun is shining, the temperature is balmy and the pool is ready to swim at a temperature of 78 degrees.    Many summer activities have opened early with the arrival of the warm weather so there is many ways to enjoy the fabulous weather outdoors. 

The loons have returned and the Squam Lake eagles have babies in the nest.  The perfect way to experience these attractions is to take a private boat tour with Captain Dave or Captain Cindy for that personalized tour of Squam Lake.  Or the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center offers a great group tour of the lake each day on their 30-seat pontoon boat.

Our special rates always include our full country breakfast and afternoon tea plus all the nice amenities that the Manor On Golden Pond has to offer. On our Specials Page on our website you find all the details for this great savings.   Just remember to bring the suntan lotion because you will definitely need it.  The blue skies of New Hampshire are not to be missed.

Fishing Derby in Meredith New Hampshire

January 31, 2010

Once again, we find ourselves at that time of the year for the annual Fishing Derby, held by Meredith Rotary Club on Lake Winnipesaukee, Meredith, New Hampshire.

As one of the biggest Winter events held in the Lakes Region, many hopeful fishermen from across New Hampshire will be there competing for the fabulous prizes Meredith Rotary Club have to offer every year.

The fishing derby is open to anyone and everyone (see official Derby Rules) – so grab your fishing gear and join everybody at Meredith Bay! Tickets are only $30 for participation, and you could be in with a chance to win – will you be the one to go home with the grand prize of a brand new fishing boat valued at over $25,000?

If fishing isn’t the thing for you, you can still have an enjoyable day watching the festivities and excitement from Meredith docks with a warm mug of hot chocolate or some delicious refreshments to keep you warm. It’s always fun to watch the snowmobiles racing across Lake Winnipesaukee, and to watch the fishermen hauling their catch to the weigh in station at the Derby headquarters at the end of the day to proclaim the winner.

If you have children, then this may be a perfect day to get the kids out of the house. Take them along to the Derby Headquarters on the Saturday to learn the basics of ice fishing – which includes tip-ups, sounding the hole and power augers. This is hosted by Fish and Game’s volunteers through a program called “Let’s Go Fishing”. From 10am thru to 3pm, sessions are held hourly so why not make a day of it? Head to the fishing derby at 11am and learn ice fishing, enjoy lunch in Meredith at a local restaurant and then have fun walking on frozen Lake Winnipesaukee whilst watching all of the fishermen catch their winning prizes.

The fishing derby will be taking place on Saturday January 30th, from 8am – 11pm and Sunday January 31st from 5am – noon, so this gives you plenty of opportunity to head down for a few hours on either day. The Manor on Golden Pond hopes to see you there!